The 31 Best Survival Podcasts – Summer 2022 Update!

Best Survival Podcasts

The world feels like it’s going insane, and we are all looking for any bit of information that will give us an edge during these troubling times.

We spend hours every week scouring the internet while looking for gear reviews, food storage tips, and other helpful hints.

In the end, there are so many blogs and podcasts out there that it can be hard to know which ones you should listen to, read and follow.

And that’s the rub because it’s essential to find not only information that resonates with you but also information that makes sense given your current circumstances.

Now, let me share some podcast suggestions on where you can start your search!

Disclaimer: I am the host of the Mind4Survival podcast. As such, to prevent any bias, I have developed selection criteria to determine these rankings. The selection criteria are explained below the podcast rankings.

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The Top Survival Podcasts

Best survival podcasts "Field Craft Survival"

1. FieldCraft Survival

FieldCraft Survival has 3.4k iTunes ratings, with a 4.9 overall rating. This show is rated as explicit.

FieldCraft Survival’s iTunes about page statement: “The guys from FieldCraft Survival host this informative series in survival, defense, gear, fitness, overlanding, mobility, military, and more. All things preparedness and survival from FieldCraft Survival.”

2. Jack Carr Danger Close

best survival podcast jack carr

Jack Carr Danger Close has 1.9k iTunes ratings, with a 4.9 overall rating, and is updated weekly.”

Jack’s Danger Close iTunes about page statement: “Go beyond the books. Jack Carr spent 20 years as a Navy SEAL, where he served as a Team Leader, Platoon Commander, Troop Commander, Task Unit Commander and a sniper. Now, he’s a speaker and the author behind the bestselling Terminal List series. Inspired by actual experiences serving in conflict areas around the world, the novels follow James Reece, a Navy SEAL who becomes embroiled in the world of conspiacies, international espionage and revenge. Now, on his new podcast Danger Close, an IRONCLAD original, Jack takes fans beyond the books with conversations from real-life warriors, tactical experts and fellow writers about the world of the Terminal List, real conflicts, gear and a ton more.”

best survival podcast "the survival show"

3. The Survival Show

The Survival Show has 267 iTunes ratings, with a 4.8 overall rating, and is updated weekly.”

The Survival Show’s iTunes about page statement: “Gain the mindset, skills, tactics, and gear you need to survive almost any emergency, crisis, or disaster, and thrive in this life.”

Canadian Outdoor Survival Podcast, "Candian Prepper"4. Canadian Prepper Podcast

Canadian Prepper Podcast has 79 iTunes ratings, with a 4.8 overall rating, and is updated weekly. This show is rated as explicit.

Canadian Prepper’s iTunes about page statement: “A podcast dedicated to Preppers, Homesteaders, Survivalists, and overall emergency preparedness.”

Mind4Survival podcast logo

5. Mind4Survival

*Disclaimer, this is my podcast*

Mind4Survival has 211 iTunes ratings, with a 4.7 overall rating.

Mind4Survival’s iTunes about page statement: “Mind4Survival Host, Brian Duff, empowers preparedness-minded people to become more safe, confident and self-reliant so that they can better protect themselves, their families, and loved ones when it matters most.”

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matter of facts cover art6. Matter of Facts Podcast

Matter of Facts Podcast has 80 iTunes ratings, with a 4.7 overall rating, and is updated weekly. This show is rated as explicit.

The Matter of Fact’s iTunes about page statement: “Guns, prepping, survival. In a dangerous world, being prepared isn’t paranoia, it’s a way of life.”

Best survival shows "The Survival Podcast"

7. The Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast has 1.5k iTunes ratings, with a 4.6 overall rating, and is updated daily.

The Survival Podcast’s iTunes about page statement: “Helping you live the life you want, if times get tough, or even if they don’t.”

best survival shows "the casual preppers"

8. The Casual Preppers Podcast

The Casual Preppers haves 673 iTunes ratings, with a 4.6 overall rating, and is updated weekly. This show is rated as explicit.

Casual Prepper’s iTunes about page statement: “Bringing prepping, survival and conspiracy goodness direct to your dirty little ear holes!”

best survival podcasts "prepper website"9. The Prepper Website Podcast

The Prepper Website has 335 iTunes ratings, with a 4.6 overall rating, and is updated weekly.

The Prepper Website’s iTunes about page statement: “The Prepper Website provides audio versions of articles that focus on preparing for survival, homesteading, bushcraft, DIY, frugal living and alternative news.”

Survival Preppers Logo

10. The Survival Preppers

*Disclaimer, this is the unfiltered podcast I do with Dale Goodwin.

The Survival Preppers has 101 iTunes ratings, with a 4.5 overall rating. This show is rated as explicit.

The Survival Prepper’s iTunes about page statement: “Prepper News and Survival Tips. A podcast about survival skills, prepping, preparedness, and politics. This is not your typical basic prepping podcast. We dive into a wide range of topics like current events, politics, technology and anything that helps us stay prepared for the challenges life throws at us.”

best prepping podcasts "survival medicine"

11. Survival Medicine

Survival Medicine has 81 iTunes ratings, with a 4.4 overall rating, and is updated monthly.

The Survival Medicine’s iTunes about page statement: “Doom and Bloom, Nurse Amy, Dr. Bones, survival, survival medicine, traditional and alternative medicine, including survival medicine or collapse medicine.”

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best prepper podcast "prepper recon podcast"12. Prepper Recon Podcast

The Prepper Recon Podcast has 197 iTunes ratings, with a 4.3 overall rating.

The Prepper Recon’s iTunes about page statement: “Helping you to prepare for the uncertain times ahead.”

best prepper podcasts

13. Survival and Basic Badassery

Survival and Basic Badassery has 189 iTunes ratings, with a 4.3 overall rating, and is updated biweekly. This show is rated as explicit.

The Survival and Basic Badassery’s iTunes about page statement: “The prepping badass podcast covers everything survival. Two bros talking about real life around a couple of beers without ever taking it to seriously. From wilderness survival and food storage to home security and bug out locations.”

the crux cover art

14. The CRUX

The CRUX has 86 iTunes ratings, with a 4.2 overall rating.

CRUX’s iTunes about page statement: “The crux is a pivotal moment, or decision that determines a life or death outcome and is inspired by true people and their survival stories.”

prepping 2.0 cover art15. Prepping 2.0

Prepping 2.0 has 497 iTunes ratings, with a 4 overall rating.

The Prepping 2.0’s iTunes about page statement: “It’s time to step up to the next level of prepping! Prepping 2.0 is about the intermediate level of prepping. Learn from Glen Tate, author of the 299 Days ten-book series, and Shelby Gallagher, author of A Great State three-book series, the next steps to take in your preps. Usual prepping topics – water, security, food – are covered but taken to the intermediate level. Listeners can expect great guests and a lot of humor.

This Prepared Life Logo

16. This Prepared Life

This Prepared Life has 66 iTunes ratings, with a 4.9 overall rating.

Prepared Life’s iTunes about page statement: “Welcome to This Prepared Life, Where Homesteading and the Apocalypse Meet. Join us for stories, education, and encouragement for women who prep, women who want to, and those that are still thinking about preparedness…”

OGTX cover art17. OGTX Prepper Survivalist Show

The OGTX Prepper Survivalist Show has 22 iTunes ratings, with a 5.0 overall rating. This show is rated as explicit.

OGTX Prepper Survivalist Show’s iTunes about page statement: “We are Off Grid Texas and this is our Prepper Survivalist podcast. Show hosts Keith Otworth & Rhonda Triggs discuss topics about Prepping, Survival, Bug-out Scenarios, Self Defense, and Living Off-Grid as well as Tin-Foil Hat subjects and Conspiracies. We stay on top of the latest trends in our changing world, watch for Red Flags, and Forecast SHTF Probabilities. We’re bringing the Preparedness Lifestyle into the mainstream. Join us Weekly, for a dose of Preparedness and High Strangeness.

Prep Consulting Co Podcast Logo18. Prep Consulting Co

Prep Consulting Co has 7 iTunes ratings, with a 5.0 overall rating.

The Prep Consulting Co’s iTunes about page statement: “A Simpler Today for a Better Tomorrow. We are here to walk you through getting prepared in simple steps and do it in a way that will save you money and make your life easier everyday, not just during emergencies. Get started on your preparedness journey by getting in the mindset of preparedness.”

red hot chilly prepper covert art

19. Red Hot Chilly Prepper

The Red Hot Chilly Prepper has 5 iTunes ratings, with a 5.0 overall rating.

Red Hot Chilly Prepper’s iTunes about page statement: “An upbeat, positive show about practical preparedness for everyone.”

The Hollistic Prepper

20. The Hollistic Prepper

The Hollistic Prepper has 5 iTunes ratings, with a 4.8 overall rating.

Hollistic Prepper’s iTunes about page statement: “Holistic living and the prepper lifestyle have a common goal. LONGEVITY! This podcast is a symbiotic relationship between these two seemingly different worlds…”

changing earth covert art21. The Changing Earth Podcast

The Changing Earth Podcast has 40 iTunes ratings, with a 4.6 overall rating, and is updated biweekly.

Changing Earth’s iTunes about page statement: “Stories bring meaning to facts and that’s what this podcast is all about. The Changing Earth Podcast is a podcast that features the fictional novel, Day After Disaster, chapter by chapter in each episode. This is an action packed adventure novel and presents many survival topics within its pages. After reading a chapter, Sara will be hosting survival professionals from across the United States to talk about concepts that were discussed within that chapter of the novel. It is a great way to explore survival fiction and fact and learn while you are entertained.”

practical prepping cover art

22. Practical Prepping Podcast

The Practical Prepping Podcast has 49 iTunes ratings, with a 4.5 overall rating, and is updated daily.

Practical Prepping’s iTunes about page statement: “Practical Prepping Podcast is for everyday people.Helping you become prepared for whatever emergencies come our way. Where gear is good, but knowledge is better, because the more you know, the less you have to carry…”

Mountain Man Survival podcast art

23. Mountain Man Survival

Mountain Man Survival has 16 iTunes ratings, with a 4.4 overall rating.

The Mountain Man Survival’s iTunes about page statement: “Surviving the world!!! Wilderness survival, go bags, natural disasters to even planning a trip and what you need to know. We talk about all of it.”

24. The Survival Punk PodcastThe Survival Punk Podcast logo

The Survival Punk Podcast has 24 iTunes rations, with a 4.5 overall rating.

The Survival Punk’s iTunes about page states, “Join James and Mike on the Survivalpunk Podcast. Each episode, they discuss topics such as Survival, Prepping, Permaculture, Fitness, and nutrition, all with a punk attitude.

Prepper Talk Radio Podcast

25. Prepper Talk Radio

Prepper Talk Radio has 18 iTunes ratings, with a 4.5 overall rating.

The Prepper Talk Radio’s iTunes about page statement: “Prepper Talk Radio is a live broadcast AM Radio talk show about preparedness and survival broadcast weekly from October 2015 to December 2018. Scott Stallings; the founder of PrepperCon, the nation’s largest preparedness and survival expo, and Shane Coles; a lifelong prepper, blogger and survival expert co-host the show…”

26. The Practical Prepper PodcastThe Practical Prepper Podcast

The Practical Prepper Podcast has 67 iTunes ratings, with a 4.4 overall rating, and is updated weekly.

The Practical Prepper Podcast’s iTunes about page statement: “The Practical Prepper provides interviews with some of the most talented minds around the topics of preparedness, survival, and self-reliance. Your show host, Joe Borowski, will guide the conversation, take complex issues, and help break them down in a consumable and entertaining way.”

The Angry Prepper Podcast27. Angry Prepper

The Angry Prepper has 42 iTunes ratings, with a 4.2 overall rating.

The Angry Prepper’s iTunes about page statement: “Urban Emergency Preparedness & Urban Survival.”

Inactive Preparedness Podcasts That You Should Check Out

I’ve been a prepper for 40 years and despite that, I am always on the lookout for new survival information. With that, here are some shows that, although they didn’t pop in the never-consistent Apple Podcasts rankings, are well worth checking out.

the best podcasts "backpacker out alive"28. Backpacker Out Alive (Inactive)

Backpacker Out Alive has 623 iTunes ratings, with a 4.8 overall rating. This show is rated as explicit.

Backpacker Out Alive’s iTunes about page statement: “Raging rivers, hungry bears, huge avalanches—no matter how prepared you are, a walk in the woods can go from innocent to disastrous in the blink of an eye. Out Alive is a podcast series about real people who survived the unsurvivable. Each survivor takes you through what happened, from the packing mistakes to the missed signals to the plain bad luck, while experts and witnesses weigh in on how things went wrong.”

Best survival podcast "Field Craft Survival Present"29. FieldCraft Survival Presents (Inactive)

FieldCraft Survival Presents has 205 iTunes ratings, with a 4.6 overall rating.

FieldCraft Survival Present’s iTunes about page statement: “FieldCraft Survival presents Two former U.S. Special Forces Green Berets with decades of operational experience in hostile environments. Our intent is to better prepare the American citizen with knowledge that will preserve life in worst case scenarios. All tactics, techniques and procedures discussed have been developed and gathered by former Special Operations soldiers and subject matter experts in their particular field of expertise. We have walked it, now it’s time to talk about it… Welcome to the Ready Room.”

best survival podcasts "warrior life"30. Warrior Life (Inactive)

Warrior Life has 421 iTunes ratings, with a 4.5 overall rating, and is updated bimonthly. This is an explicit show.

Warrior Life’s iTunes about page statement: “Bullets, beans & band-aids baby! Oh yeah! If you love AR’s, Glocks and freedom, then the Modern Combat & Survival podcast is for you. Each week, Jeff Anderson and his rag-tag team of hairy-backed mooks bring you “no b.s.” tips, tricks, and tactics you can put to use right away from the world’s top experts on tactical firearms training, urban survival, escape & evasion, and close quarters combat self defense. Plus – be sure to join us at for our free digital magazine and podcast freebie bonuses.”

best preppers podcasts "survivalist prepper"31. The Survivalist Prepper Podcast (Inactive)

The Survivalist Prepper has 585 iTunes ratings, with an overall rating of 4.3.

Survivalist Prepper’s iTunes about page statement: “Survivalist Prepper, all about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and living off the grid without too much “tin foil hat” stuff. Learning how to become more self sufficient when disaster strikes. Stay up to date with the latest prepping news and information like bugging out, prepping and survival gear, and food storage etc.”

Best Survival Podcasts Selection Criteria

Now that you know the top survival podcasts, I need to explain my criteria for their inclusion on this list.

First, I’m basing these rankings on iTunes. The fact is, there is no one best resource for ranking shows. The podcasting industry still needs improvement.

Like other apps, iTunes can be hit and miss when ranking podcasts. And, many times, top 20 iTunes podcasts will have low rankings and haven’t had new episodes released in years. This frustrates creators and listeners alike, and the fact is Apple does a poor job at times when it comes to rankings.

Therefore, I’ve established criteria for shows to make this list.

I combine the top prepper and survival shows into one list, ranking each by the show’s overall iTunes rating and review ranking.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for inclusion in my list of top survival and prepper podcasts are:

  • A show must have at least 75 ratings and reviews.
  • It must have released a new episode within the past six months.

Shows that meet my criteria are then ranked by their individual overall ranking. So, a 5.0 show will rank higher than a 4.8 overall ranking, which ranks higher than a 4.6 overall ranking.

If there are ranking ties, 4.6 versus 4.6, the win goes to the show with more reviews.

Podcasts that have less than 50 reviews will be ranked against one another below those shows with 50+ reviews.

Note, you’ll also find links to each podcast’s home page, youtube channel, etc., and to their iTunes page as well. Also, if you are not an iTunes/Apple person, no worries. You can find these shows on almost all podcasting apps.

With that, if you like a show, make sure to follow/subscribeshare, and leave an honest rating and review. Doing so helps you and the podcaster!Best Survival Podcasts Award

Finding Your Top Preparedness Podcast

Prepper and Survival podcasts are great and underused resources within the preparedness community.

Are you tired of Facebook and people posting angry things?

Do you watch TV shows like Alone or Les Stroud’s Survivorman? Do you have a shelf in your house dedicated to prepper books? Are you one of the folks who pay attention to what’s going on in the world around you because it might be turning bad?

If you are, then this article is for you, and that’s because there are many options to choose from in the world of prepping and survival podcasting.

From long-form interviews to short daily updates, preppers have plenty of listening material available to them.

In the end, how can you be sure that you’re picking the right podcast? Well, this article is here to help. It will cover what podcasts are, why they’re good for preppers, and provide a review of the top prepping and survival shows.

Arming yourself with this information will ensure that your time spent preparing is as successful as possible! So, get to reading!

What is a Survival Podcast?

Podcasts are an excellent way to learn how to survive and thrive. They help listeners learn everything you need to know, from building shelters and personal defense to navigating with a compass or making fire.

Preparedness podcasts come in all shapes and sizes. Some are meant for entertainment, while others teach people new skills to help them survive during an SHTF event. While only you can decide which one is right for you, there are two main prepping and survival show content categories: informational and entertaining.

Podcasts are what a creator such as myself does when I record a show as a digital audio file. I then edit that show to be an episode or multiple episodes. I then upload the show as a digital audio file to a computer server specializing in podcast hosting.

Next, once uploaded, when a listener like you wants to listen to an episode, you do so through a podcast app or website. It’s the app or website, which downloads the show or streams it from the podcasting server.

Podcasting Apps

Podcasting apps like Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher allow you to download podcasts for offline listening and even sync them across devices.

Apps make it easy for listeners to hear a lot of people with great information, not just survival experts, talk about any particular interest you might have.

You’ll hear shows covering everything from first-hand survival stories of life and death to living through the paralyzing obstacles of an SHTF event and on to prepping for the budget-minded waging an inspiring fight for a better life.

The History of Podcasts

As discussed in my course, former MTV VJ Adam Curry created podcasting in the early 2000s. Apple, in 2005, added support for podcasting to its iTunes software and quickly became the dominant player in the industry.

Since then, many other companies have launched successful podcast apps, making it easier than ever for the average joe to listen in.

Why Should You Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn about things that interest you. As such, podcasting provides listeners with information on various topics, from history to science fiction about the zombie apocalypse. More specifically, podcasts provide preppers with valuable information on all the fundamentals of preparedness: Mindset, Situational Awareness, Survival, Safety, and Self.

A prepper can easily find new episodes on surviving in the wilderness, practicing strategic relocation (also known as evacuating or bugging out), home security, a catastrophic earthquake, medical training, explaining outdoor survival, etc.

You can find shows with a survivor’s visceral reactions, discussions about real danger, pain, hunger and fear, and the new economy or lack thereof.

So, if self-reliance is your jam, podcasting may be one answer to gaining new and fun preparedness information.

Podcasts Cover a Wide Variety of Information

Do you want to learn what to do when the family medicine doctor is no longer around? There are survival instructors and a week’s episode all set for you.

Do you want to listen to a topic round table discussion? There’s a week of episodes ready for your listening extravaganza.

At a minimum, I can almost guarantee there’s an episode on one or more topics that you’re interested in, standing by and ready to go right now.

So, What’s the Best Podcast for You?

The best podcast for you is the podcast that you like best. It’s not rocket science. The fact is every podcast out there has listeners with who it will resonate.

Some people like podcasts that come out on Tuesday, and others like shows that come out on Friday mornings. Add in the structure that appeals to you, and you never know when a recent monthly podcast created will be just what you’re waiting to hear.

In the end, everyone has their idea of what the best podcasts are.

So, listen to a Friday show. Listen to a Tuesday show. Listen to a different podcast here and there, and find which new podcasts work best for you.

At the same time, you may be surprised at the lengths a great presenter and show host goes to get you the information you want and, in many cases, need.

In the end, whether well received or not, all podcasters that I know do podcasting because they enjoy providing information that is helpful and vital to preparedness-minded people.

The Bottom Line of The Best Survival Podcasts and How to Find Them!

Podcasting is a great way to learn about how you can better prepare for any scenario. They’re also entertaining and informative, so they make fantastic listening material when you’ve got some downtime.

The best survival podcast is the one that speaks most directly to your needs or interests. So, if none of these 29’ish options do it for you, go poke around the Internet, and you’ll find yours!

What are your favorite shows, and why? Tell us in the comments below!


Stay safe!

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