Tips for actively practicing situational awareness

M4S 010: How to Practice Situational Awareness

Being extremely observant can seem like a superpower, but anyone can do it if they know how to practice situational awareness. Situational awareness is being aware of your surroundings and understanding what is happening within…

Wilderness First Aid knowledge is an essential skill for preppers.

M4S 009: What Is Wilderness First Aid?

What is Wilderness First Aid? You may know regular first aid, but what is wilderness first aid? It’s a set of skills that will serve you well when medical help could be hours, or even…

Grid down medicine is about more than just first-aid

M4S 008: Disaster Medicine Basics

When people hear the phrase disaster medicine, they generally envision a field hospital full of traumatic injuries. But disaster medicine is about a lot more than that. This could be all the medical care available…

Actionable advice for when you think you're being watched

M4S 007: Counter Surveillance Measures Everyone Should Use

What Are Counter Surveillance Measures? Counter surveillance measures (also called surveillance detection) are attempts to determine whether someone is watching you, and hopefully identify them.  It is essential to be aware of whether other people…

Learn the nine basic steps of preparedness planning

M4S 004: Preparedness Planning in 9 Easy Steps

There are 9 components to successful preparedness planning to ensure that your strategies work when it really counts. To create a plan that will work for you and your family, you need to take some…

Create your own risk profile to help you identify and deter threats in your area

M4S 002: How to Create a Risk Profile

To identify the greatest threats you may face, you need to know how to create a risk profile. S0, how do you develop your own risk profile? You simply ask yourself the following questions and…

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M4S 078: What Does Safety Third Mean?

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M4S 018: How to Begin Prepping – Things You Should Know

Guidance on how to get started prepping
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Event Safety: How to Be Safe at Concerts and Sporting Events

Situational awareness and pre-planning go a long way toward event safety.
Some preppers seem to think that going to crowded events like concerts, theaters, and ...
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