Reducing Surveillance Signatures: Begin with the Cell Phone

No cell phones sign

Good Day, Readers! In this article, we’ll cover some methods to lower the amount of data you present to others that enable you to be monitored. This piece is not comprehensive, and I’ll explain. There are many techniques for reducing metadata, masking your online presence, confusing biometric systems, and preventing tracing and tracking (yes, there is a difference).

To detail, all of these measures in-depth would provide the rulers with more options to combat it. Domestic terrorism is a loosely-defined, generalized term: purposefully all-inclusive, regarding (targeting) the general populace of the American people. Since the passage of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) provisions of 2014, the whole world, including CONUS (the continental United States), is classified as a “battlefield” within a continual state of warfare.

When you resist “authorities,” they can strip you of your citizenship without due process and terminate you. With their policies, you are not afforded your rights enumerated under the Constitution; at best, you’re “granted” what they allow you.

Begin by Mentally Fortifying Yourself

Computer Program

You have decades of conditioning in educational facilities and societal constructs to break out of. Laws, statutes, codes, and customs finish the cage. If you can’t sever this hydra-headed umbilicus, then forget the rest of this article. It would be a waste of time because you must adapt to make the information work.

Everybody wants the “secret squirrel” stuff to block incoming and outgoing signals and stop the cameras while wearing the “Guy Fawkes” masks. We’re sticking with the basics here because we don’t need to detail techniques that will give our (un)friendly rulers an edge. A single, salient action on your part will enable you to proceed unmonitored. Here it is:

Get rid of the cell phone

It is that simple. It’s about thinking on your feet and outthinking your opponent(s)…the “soft-totalitarian” regime we’re living under. This may help you to start things rolling. The rest is your responsibility.

Disengaging Communications and Electronics

Your Cellular Telephone: the greatest of all threats to your privacy and freedom. You’d think that with documentaries such as “Citizen Four” with Edward Snowden, that everyone would learn what the cellular telephone truly is. A “forced mark” may be on the way; however, none know what form it will take. There’s little need for that now. Why twist everyone’s arm when they’re already voluntarily (and happily!) carrying around their own personal tracking device?

To trace means to follow electronically. To track is to trace and then hunt for you…physically.

The phones “ping” a signal out every four (4) seconds from any locations that you and your friend, the phone, are visiting. Phones correlate purchases in real-time, marking your location and backing up that data with the “cash register” (the register is a sophisticated inventory-control computer that records your purchase).

How it Works

The phone also links you with others who meander up and start all-important conversations with you face-to-face, for example:  

A phone in John’s pocket pings, linking John with Jim, who just came up with a big smile, a desire to communicate, and a phone in his pocket. The record of them conversing is right there, plain to see. Their chattering done, they now part ways. It’s all recorded.

Most don’t pay this any mind. Conditioning leads to indifference and complacency. The big tech and the deep state keep records of everything. They built that data storage facility in Utah (I repeat: watch that movie “Citizen Four”) with ten stories total…more than half of it underground. Its sole purpose?

To collect data from every cell phone, every text message, every e-mail, every landline, every tweet, and communication.  

But wait: there’s more. They gather that “metadata,” that seemingly innocuous general information…the coffee you drink, the food you eat…everything about you…and then MIT grads with doctorates in Games Theory break down every bit of information they’re fed. They paint a picture of you and store it in their case files.

When they’re looking for you? Everyone in your vicinity with a cell phone is a potential witness for the prosecution to use to identify you. 

What Do I Do?

Fostered dependency only makes you think you have to have a cell phone. Get rid of your phone, or don’t carry it out of the house anymore. For most, this amounts to nothing less than “sacrilege,” but such is the price. Get a landline for the house, and a landline for work, and get that thing…that tracking device…away from you and your family!

Big Brother is watching sign

It acquires your biometrics and sends them and your data to the fusion centers and the collection facility. It is completely invasive and only necessary if you believe that it is.

You can do this. I do not have a cellular phone and will not ever have one.

Picture this hypothetical grid-down scenario where martial law has just been implemented:  

Your front door is kicked in, and a squad of gorillas with badges come in…to confiscate your food and press you into service…forced labor. [If you don’t believe they can do this, read Executive Order #13603, signed by Obama.] You and your family are hiding in the closet. Suddenly, your phones all ring; they’ve connected with the intruders, and the phones all speak—all together:

“Hello, officers, this is Alexa, and the family you’re looking for is in the attic!”

You drew the card: go directly to jail, and do not pass “go.” Avoid this! You can avoid it!

It Happens!

Ukraine, 2013 and 2014. “Orange Revolution” protests were orchestrated by Maidan, a creation of George Soros and his NGO’s that operated in-country with the approval of Victoria Nuland and Hillary Clinton. The elected Ukrainian President, Yanukovych, was overthrown. But just before that? During the protests, Yanukovych’s State Security forces managed to capture every cell phone number in every protest, matching the numbers with the names of protestors for their database.

Get rid of the cellular telephone!

Most of these measures you can take are simple and either cost nothing, or can be afforded for pennies on the dollar. The best countermeasures involve common sense and simple steps. Let’s list some actions for you to take to follow up on severing the unnecessary umbilicus of the cell phone.

1. Purchase Your Items With Cash

We don’t know how long this will be able to be accomplished, with the central digital currency EO of Biden to fall “due” in December. Start now, and do what you can. Don’t provide them with any more data than is absolutely unavoidable.

2. Don’t Smile for the Camera

Remember, this is the “era of the mask.” With their little SARS-CoV-2 game (that’s the actual designation for “Covid”), they can’t tell you not to “mask” up…and that thing helps break up the biometric signature. Sunglasses, hats, and scarves (now that it’s close to wintertime) will accessorize the “ensemble.” Play them to the hilt, and break up those public cameras’ images. 

3. Use VPN, Encryption, and Alternate E-mail Engines

There are multiple avenues to use e-mail instead of standard, monitored vehicles, such as Yahoo, Google, and “other Muppet-land” sites. Do your homework: alternatives do exist.

4. Do Not Use Web Photos!

We-chat, Snap-Chat, Facebook… “chimp-chat,” or whatever-chat? All of these capture your images…feeding your opponent’s databanks…filling out the file they have on you…and, there is a file on you, and I, and everyone else with a social security number.

5. Buy Old in Place of New

Previously-used goods. Avoid the RFID (radio frequency identifier) tags, the inventory control systems in place tracking your every purchase. Avoid these by buying at thrift stores, secondhand stores, yard sales, garage and rummage sales, and from friends and family you know. Old clothes that are serviceable—if out of “style.” 

6. Educate Yourself

I’ve suggested one documentary for you to watch. You are responsible for your level of awareness. You must seek the truth for the most part, rather than having it fall into your lap. Read and study as much as you can about the system of government the U.S. used to have, and compare it to “now” for a stark statistical and factual reality check. Learn about what those in power do. Keep abreast and “sift” the news and websites…to extract valuable nuggets of informational gold.

7. Circle Complete

Get rid of the cellular telephone, and reread this article until it’s in mind! 

These basic steps will set you on the path to reducing your surveillance signature. If you want to remove yourself from it completely? That’s a whole, other animal entirely and outside this piece’s scope.

Keep alert, keep your powder dry, and get rid of that phone. As Dylan once sang, those times are changing, indeed. Adapt, and change your mindset and stance, and you will make it through.

JJ out!

Reducing Surveillance Signatures: Begin with the Cell Phone

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  1. Lewis on January 14, 2023 at 11:37 am

    I always liked landline based telephones because whenever the power went down (as often happened) one could always count on the voltage independently provided by the phone company to provide you with a working phone connection. Then in recent years as phone companies observed that they could keep billing customers for the usual monthly expenses while more cheaply killing the landline voltage and re-routing home phone calls over the internet via VOIP technology (VOIP meaning Voice Over IP), much of landline access went away. That’s what ever dishonest AT&T did to me behind my back. This March 20, 2020 article says that only about 40% of US households have any choice of access to phone landlines. And that percentage is dropping.

    So what to do? If you kill the cell phone altogether (unless you carry some alternatives that most people won’t — like ham radios, satellite phones, CB radios, GMRS radios, etc — you’ll have no way to send out a help message in an emergency — or check on family members during their possible emergencies.

    So here’s a backup plan: get a flip phone (with a removable battery) with the cheapest possible data plan available — even if you only use it once every couple of years or so — and carry it in a Faraday bag with its battery REMOVED. That will keep the phone from searching for a signal (even while you have it turned off) and wiping out that battery quickly. Then just charge the battery as insurance however often your manufacturer suggests and then store it back in that Faraday bag along with that flip phone. That way there’s no cell phone tracking of you except for those hopefully really rare (and hopefully brief) emergencies involving you and yours.

    Then you can devote some attention to the myriad of other tracking/tyrant/control systems (both in use or in the planning) that grossly violate 4th Amendment protections like mandatory bodily implants so with digital money you can buy, sell, pay taxes, travel, accept mandatory bio-weapon “vaccine” jabs, etc, ONLY at the pleasure of the central tyrant government and the Federal Reserve while risking fun stuff like myocarditis, sterility, etc.


  2. anon on January 15, 2023 at 5:11 pm

    Here is a decent option if youre not willing to totally ditch the smart phone..Degoogled version of Android.

  3. Shawn on January 17, 2023 at 10:13 pm

    Does putting you smart phone in Airplane mode stop all transmission?

    • Peter on January 18, 2023 at 6:47 pm

      Long story short, not necessarily, even despite what you had set your settings as, whether Android or Apple device.

  4. Dennis on February 17, 2023 at 6:07 am

    I live in the UK and the existing analog phone system is to be replaced by December 2024 with a digital phone system. The existing copper wire will still be used but a new digital phone will be required.
    These phones are the same as the IP phones used in business.

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