Prepping is NOT Just Beans, Bullets, and Barter Items

Woman struggling in the face of adversity

Yes, it’s true. Prepping is not just beans, bullets, and barter items

Unfortunately, we in the preparedness community often think of prepping along the lines of the things and plans we employ to deal with society-impacting events. Hurricanes, fires, floods, EMPs are all things we prepare for.

And, while preparing for all of those situations and more is definitely what we as preppers should partly focus on, they in themselves are not what preparedness truly is. 

The same holds true for stashing away the beans, bullets, and barter items that many of us feel we’ll need to ride out whatever version of the apocalypse we think we may find ourselves in. 

The fact is, the actual reality of preparedness is the mindset with which we steel our resolve to face the personal impacts of what both micro and macro disasters deliver unto us. 

Survival Preparedness is NOT a Check the Box Thing

That’s because in the end, while many of us tend to look upon preparedness through the black and white lens of survival as if it is a check the box type of event, successful preparedness is NOT simply checking a box.

With that, many people look at survival as a matter-of-fact event where you survive or don’t. And while that is partially true, looking at prepping from a simple, check-the-box method is, I believe, the approach of those who only play at preparedness.

I say that because anyone who has genuinely faced the life and death struggle of themselves and their loved ones and recognizes it for the deep, heart-wrenching experience that is, knows that preparedness is so much more than the things we prep and the plans we make.  

Furthermore, they understand that actual prepping is NOT anything close to a check the box scenario. 

Preparedness is an Attitude and Conviction

Instead, preparedness is prepping yourself to be the rock upon which you and your loved ones depend when times become not just difficult but more difficult than you could have ever imagined or ever planned for. 

Preparedness is standing up in the face of overwhelming, soul-crushing adversity and confronting that adversity head-on. 

Prepping is steadying yourself when you, despite every desire to the contrary, have to be the best you possibly can be when your loved ones are at their worst and unable to advocate for themselves. 

Preparedness is doing what is insanely difficult when there is no one else to do the insanely difficult. 

Preparedness is Shelby Gallagher

Being a prepper and facing a mind-blowing struggle is exactly what dystopian author Shelby Gallagher is doing right now, on behalf of her husband, Glen Tate, author of the 299-Days series. 

A Great State book covers.

For those of you who did not know, Glen has had a year of years, and after a well-fought battle with cancer, he is now in another fight for life. This time, his battle is with COVID, and the virus is giving Glen a hell of a fight. 

Through it all, Shelby has done what we can all only hope to do when faced with similar circumstances. She has met it head-on as well as possible and all while engaged in her own battle with the virus. 

During it all, Shelby has poured her heart out on Facebook and to their Prepping 2.0 podcast community. She has let people in to see the emotional struggle and heart-wrenching adversity that encompasses what preparedness is really about. 

She has shown that preparedness is not the preps and plans we make. Instead, she has shown us that preparedness is how we face the unimaginable when the unimaginable becomes a reality. 

With that, Shelby is not unique and not alone when it comes to rogering up on behalf of a loved one. Many of you have faced your own trials and day of days, and in so doing, you know what those who haven’t don’t.

Prepping is the Steel in our Spine 

You know what people who go to war know. You know that being prepared to face adversity is not about a bug out bag full of things, or as this post’s title states, “Prepping is NOT just Beans, Bullets, and Barter Items.”

Instead, you know that preparedness is about the courage you muster when facing your fear of fears. 

You know that real preparedness is about how you conduct yourself when the weight of the world is crashing down upon you and doing all it can to make you buckle, bend, and break. 

You know that real preparedness is about the strength you muster when there is little to no strength to muster. And, you know that real preparedness is about the grace you give yourself when giving yourself grace is anything other than easy. 

In the end, you know that real preparedness is how you respond when the hammer meets the anvil, and the lives of those you love and care about most hang in the balance. 

Preparedness is NOT a Solo Burden

Finally, while facing immense adversity can make us feel alone and isolated, that is often the farthest thing from reality possible. 

The truth is that the prepper community is full of concerned, caring, and loving people, and as such, the vast majority of us are there to do whatever we can to help others. 

And, while many of us are willing and ready to go to great lengths to help one another, the most significant help we can often provide is by simply offering the emotional and spiritual support that we are all capable of. 

People sending good vibes into the universe

In this case, please, if you’re the praying type, send out a prayer on behalf of Glen and Shelby and anyone who can use it. And, if you’re not the praying type, please shoot some good vibes out into the universe and direct them towards those who need them. 

Finally, remember that prepping is NOT just beans, bullets, and barter items.

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